Sexual Assault Prevention Webinar

Sexual Assault Prevention Webinar

Delta Tau Delta has partnered with a campus rape survivor to give members the opportunity to learn about sexual assault prevention from someone with direct personal experience with the issue.

The purpose of this webinar is to teach members of the Fraternity about sexual assault from the perspective of a survivor. The intent is to encourage members to have consensual sex (and how to differentiate consensual sex from assault); know how to stop a friend from committing rape, if they see a friend about to hurt someone; and know how to support survivors.

Laura's Story

In January 2013, Laura Hanson was roofied and raped by the president of a fraternity at the University of Oregon. After a few weeks, long after the evidence of the assault had been washed away, Laura came to terms with what had been done to her. She had been raped by someone she knew, someone the Greek Life community implicitly trusted, and she didn’t know what to do.

The news of her experience, and the fact that the University of Oregon wasn’t investigating the issue, spread quickly and she was demonized by the Greek Life community for spreading lies. She was shunned by her sorority sisters and was forced out of Greek Life—a community that had once been her home.

Four years later, Laura is ready to share her story to help students in Greek Life better understand sexual assault and how they can prevent it from happening on their campus. "I am no longer angry at the University of Oregon, the community that abandoned me, or even my rapist. That’s too much hate to hold inside of me. In sharing my story, I'm hopeful that I can help at least one other person." - Laura Hanson 


Upcoming Webinars

Sessions will provide participants the opportunity to connect with Laura Hanson, a sexual assault survivor. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about how Laura can be a resource for their chapter in facilitating conversations around sexual assault prevention and supporting survivors, as well as starting a dialogue within their chapter about campus, community, and chapter culture around prevention.


Schedule a Webinar

If you would like to set up a Road webinar with Laura reach out to Laura Hanson or fill out the form the below.