Ritual Education


The Ritual ceremonies of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity are an instrumental part of your experience as a member. The Ritual and Rite of Iris provide direction on how to live a life of excellence, but when the ceremonies are only performed once a semester it is difficult to understand the meaning and symbolism.

The Ritual education section of The Road utilizes the white book to guide you through everything from the ceremonies to the symbols. After recruitment education, you will participate in monthly conversations about the Ritual and Rite of Iris facilitated by the guide.

Objectives for Ritual Education:

  • Reflect on the meaning and message incorporated in the ceremonies of Delta Tau Delta.
  • Analyze the concept of Ritual and explore application to daily life.
  • Review the history of the Fraternity and the Ritual.
  • Increase the respect and appreciation for the Fraternity and the Ritual.