Member Education

Design the Journey

From your first new member meeting, you will have a chance to learn about yourself and valuable skills to be successful during college and beyond. After completing the new member, recruitment and Ritual education, you will focus on the member education section of The Road. This section is exciting because you help design the journey. An outline for each academic year is provided to the chapters to give direction to the director of member education for programming. 

Here are some examples:

  • Freshmen members need to learn how to create a personal budget.
  • Sophomore members should take personal interest/strengths measurement to understand potential career options.
  • Juniors should learn about the process of applying to graduate school.
  • Seniors learn about the components of a benefits package and what can be negotiated.

Different than other sections of The Road, you are encouraged to learn this information in a variety of ways. Your chapter may organize a program for the members, you can attend a session on this topic on your campus, you learn about this topic through another program your chapter participates in or you take the initiative to learn about it through a course or online learning. The goal is for chapters to organize five-member education programs a year, but to focus on participating in programs on campus or using creative ways to educate your members. 

Member Education Resources:

Every member of the fraternity is at a different point in their member development. Whether you are a part of a new member class or an alumnus of the fraternity, you will find helpful resources for personal development in the member education resources section. The Road: Journey to Excellence is a lifelong journey and these resources may serve as opportunities for intellectual development for individuals, small groups, or entire chapters. There are many resources in this section, including TedTalks with reflection questions written for members of Delta Tau Delta, sample facilitation guides and worksheets for Road programs, and short instructional videos on skills for member development. Continue to visit the site for updated resources and new opportunities for personal development.