Leadership Experiences

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity provides leadership development opportunities that advance a member through his journey with The Road.


All men within their first year of membership are highly encouraged to participate in Ignite. Participants are challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. This this camp setting, you will learn the real meaning of brotherhood, you will identify what your legacy will be in your chapter and dive deep into the values of the Fraternity. Members will complete several challenges designed to enhance their leadership ability. Ignite sessions are offered throughout the year and in various locations. The registration cost is $99.00 and travel for 2016.

Division Conferences

Division conferences are annual meetings for chapter leaders and volunteers. Conference programming is devoted to the Fraternity’s best tool to measure excellence—the FAAR. While the FAAR is used to help determine awards, its use goes beyond just achievement. Conference programming focuses on how to use the FAAR as a planning tool for the entire school year.

The FAAR provides our chapters, its members and volunteers an opportunity to focus attention and commitment to the principles that make Delta Tau Delta great. Participants at the division conferences have the opportunity to see how each of their roles fit into the overall operations of the chapter, with content being most relevant for presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, recruitment chairmen and member educators/Road Chairmen.


As Greeks, we're all in it together. The Greek community faces many challenges, and the best way to overcome adversity is to work together. The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI), presented by the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), is a co-educational institute for undergraduate leaders of fraternities and sororities. Throughout the five-day experience, participants will band together through a series of team building activities and more, challenging and engaging one another to build better chapters and better Greek communities.

Presidents and Advisors Retreat

The working relationship between a chapter president and the chapter advisor is critical to success. Having trust in one another and the ability to collaborate is necessary to lead the chapter. This interactive retreat offers attendees an opportunity to build a supportive network of presidents and advisors from chapters across the country. The retreat is held in Fishers, Ind at the Fisher-Nichols Memorial Headquarters in May. The cost is $100 per chapter and this includes travel expenses for 2016.

The Charge

The Charge is designed for members who have leadership experience in the chapter. This experience allows you to make an impact in the chapter before you graduate, provides a space to think about lifelong career goals and time to consider your role as a global citizen. At The Charge, you will spend time throughout the entire city of Chicago. Men are put in teams, given tasks, budgets, and objectives to accomplish. At the end of The Charge men will have developed a five-year strategic plan, reviewed their professional and personal goals with Delt alumni, and created a support system to help achieve their goals. The Charge is held in Chicago each summer. The cost is $109 and travel for 2016.


Karnea is Delta Tau Delta’s biennial international convention. The Karnea is the legislative body of the Fraternity where an assembly of delegates from all the chapters gather to discuss the business of the Fraternity. However, there’s a whole lot more. The time spent at Karnea is divided between legislation, fellowship and learning. Those undergraduates and alumni who attend Karnea have the opportunity to attend various programs to assist them in their positons as advisors or officers. There are social events during the conference to showcase entertainment in the host city. The final banquet wraps everything up with memories from the weekend and the formal announcement of the new Arch Chapter, including the international president of the Fraternity.